Church Development

One of AWEMA’s priorities is to equip and support the local churches spiritually, theologically, and administratively; since churches are the center of the Christian work in the Arab countries. This ensures that churches would be built on strong Biblical foundations, so that they can serve people and build them up spiritually and socially, besides building their personal skills, so that they would be salt and light in their societies.

Christian Education

There is a huge need in the Arab world for qualified church leaders and workers who are rooted in the word of God. AWEMA’s goal is to provide Arab leaders with comprehensive theological, spiritual and ministry trainings. Training courses cover different fields such as: evangelism, leadership, theological studies, church development, family ministry, Christian counseling, etc. All these courses are taught through the Augustine Theological Institute (ATI). Read more..

Women Ministry

In Arabic countries, which are mostly male dominated societies; the majority of women are deprived of their legal rights. They are quite often abused physically and emotionally; hence suffering low self-esteem and disgrace. AWEMA’s goal is to minister to women, and to equip and encourage them to have an active role in their homes, churches and societies. Read more..

Mission Training and Church Planting Ministry

The Middle East is the cradle of Christianity. From there, Christianity was spread to the rest of the world through the outreaches of the first Christians. However, many cities and villages nowadays in the Arab countries have not been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. AWEMA aims at sending Arab church planters who speak the same languages, share the same cultures and face the same challenges, as those in the unreached areas of the Region, spread the Gospel, and plant new churches. .Read more..