Community Development

AWEMA offers practical Christianity in different countries.  This is accomplished through programs and projects that aim at supplying the needs of poor societies.  They also meet the needs of various categories such as young people, children, women, and men, to be a living testimony for Christ’s work and His love.
AWEMA’ strategic projects include a training farm that is a model of a commercial educational project that trains young people from rural areas on agriculture and animal production.  It aims at training and supporting them financially, as well as to provide income for supporting AWEMA’s programs.

Strategic Projects

AWEMA expresses God’s love to the different Arab societies in practical ways, in order to bridge the gap between Christians and their societies. This is done through long term development projects by establishing and opening medical and educational centers. These projects also include centers for ministry skills and vocational trainings. Such centers are also used to host different training courses and schools; and are used as income generating projects in order to financially support the ministry.Read more..

Media Ministry

This is a ministry that aims at spreading light in communities through different kinds of arts, which express values and principles that can make people’s lives better.  Such changes would happen through music, poetry, acting and other art productions. Read more..

Non-governmental Organizations

This ministry aims at building bridges with different communities to help in developing cultural, social, health, and recruitment programs, as well as vocational trainings in order to help poor communities raising their morals, vocational and financial levels. Read more..

Relief ministry

During the past few years, millions of citizens of the Arab World fled for their lives, from their countries, as a result of wars and terrorism that invaded the Arab World. Nowadays, there are more than 5 million Arabic refugees; most of them are living in refugee camps at the borders of various countries. AWEMA partners with several organizations and churches to support their financial, social, cultural and psychological needs. Read more..