Media Ministry


Because, we are visual creatures, what we see is imprinted in our minds much easier than when we hear or read it. As the world changes along the years to form media-driven societies, the need of starting a ministry that can reach out new communities came into view. According to international statistics, 50% of the population of the Arab World is youth and 40-45% is literal.

We believe youth is the future, but also the present, of the Arab World and AWEMA’s vision is to reach out for them in the language they know the most. AWEMA sets its media programs in the Arab world to reach them out in various ways.

AWEMA's Goals

  • Holding youth festivals and workshops to give them a chance to express themselves through various arts.
  • Training youth in various fields of Media (Videography – Directing – Screen writing – Music Production – Vocal Training– Painting – …) through training courses.
  • Producing audio and visual means to raise awareness of western churches and associations with conditions, struggles and needs of Arab communities, especially in Christian communities.
  • Producing educational documentary movies about the Arab World.
  • Participating in supporting Union of Christian Arab Radios, to reach neediest areas in the Arab World.
  • The ministry is divided into three areas:

    First Area: Training:

    The training area aims at reaching members and leaders of drama teams to train them. It also, reaches out to the community to show love through our training conferences and workshops.

    We aim at encouraging talented young people in churches in the neediest areas and supplying them with needed skills to develop their talents.

    Theatre Training Schools :
    people on :
    1. Directing .
    2. Acting.
    3. writing.
    4. Scenography (lighting, sound, set and costume design)
    Specialized Film-making Schools:
    The Schools train specialized fields including:
    1. Screen writing
    2. Directing
    3. Videography
    4. Video Editing.
    Drama Training Programs:

    This program reaches various areas in the Arab World, and trained drama teams to improve their skills and performance.

    Building Drama Teams:

    This program aims at consulting various church members on how to build drama teams that could reach out others. We teach them how to have a purpose for their ministries; how to discover new talents; and how to employ their ideas in creative productive ways. We also, provide them with the needed contacts for technical assist, and discuss with them the difficulties they may face in their ministries.

    Follow up:

    Since 2007, we held meetings, workshops and seminars to provide the needed support. We consult media teams and individuals in needed equipment for their ministries, and train them in administrative and technical difficulties they face. We let them know about the helpful courses that can add much knowledge to them. Through regular meetings, we gather various teams and help them to network and co-operate in order to learn new skills from each other.

    Second Area: Production:

    This branch mainly produces short movies to help the Christian Ministry all over the Arab World, to have a realistic over-view of the Region.

      Movies of a Realistic Overview for the Arab World:

    These movies aim at presenting an overview of the Region to the Ministry, as well as assisting ministries in the Arab world to plan and develop their ongoing and future ministries in a much efficient way.

     Movies for Various Categories in Different Communities:

    These movies aim at discussing the various challenges facing different categories of the communities.

    10 short movies were produced to present the state of women in the Arab World. Movies for other categories may be produced soon.

    Third Area: Union of Christian Arab Radios:

    Because of the spread of Christian radio stations all through the Arab World for many decades, the message of Christ reached plenty of non-Christian communities and tribes where no one could ever have reached. Radio ministry is still needed by many Arab communities and refugees inside and outside of the Arab World. For this reason AWEMA is working on unifying Christian radio organizations working inside and outside the Arab World. AWEMA also wants to revive a ministry that is strong, effective and up to date with today’s challenges.

    The union started as the Christian Arab Radio Conference that was held in mid-2016. It was organized by AWEMA and included various Christian radio organizations. The cooperation of the organizations allowed this conference to develop into the Union of Christian Arab Radios.