Church in the Arab World has always had the vision of extending their ministries beyond its own walls and share Christ love with millions of the needy people in the community. AWEMA registered a number of NGOs that are able to share God’s love in a practical way and they work as AWEMA’s arms among the community. These NGOs mainly targets poor neglected categories.

Our prayer and slogan through this ministry is “…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Mathew 5:16).


  • Developing and equipping the poor vulnerable categories of different communities to help them raise their financial and social levels through various programs and awareness raising seminars.
  • Ministering to marginalized categories in the communities, especially women and children, in order to enjoy better lives.
  • Providing health awareness and medical services to boost their medical care level.
  • Integrating churches with the various categories in different communities.
  • 1- Literacy Classes :

    Nowadays, some literacy classes are opened in our NGOs: in 2 areas in Cairo and 2 other areas in North Egypt. Our literacy classes are teaching reading, writing and math for a hundred attendees; with a majority of women. We believe that teaching them is an essential step and an open door to share God’s love and compassion for them. Our aim is not only teaching them, but also developing a better genuine self-image of who they are, as well as to provide them with primitive knowledge of how to bring up their children.

    Training Courses for Literacy Classes Teachers:

    In 2015, a training course was held for teachers from other organizations in order to train and provide them with the needed skills.

    2-Awareness Raising Seminars:

    Since the NGOs were established, awareness courses have been held for women, youth and children. Some seminars included the following courses:

    • Awareness Courses about reproductive health for young women (Duration: 2 months for each)
    • Awareness Courses about physical and reproductive health for young men (Duration: 2 months for each)
    • Awareness Course for women about reproductive health and transmitted diseases (Duration 2 months for each)
    • Awareness and therapy Course for young teenage women about emotional, mental, physical, psychological and sexual abuse
    • Awareness Seminars about sexual abuse for children
    • Awareness Seminars about personal hygiene
    • Awareness Seminars about raising children for parents, especially women.

    3-Women vocational Training:

    The first training course was held for vulnerable women, in order to help them learn new vocational skills. It started in 2014 as a short training program on wax making, handmade crafts and sewing clothes. It aims at helping women to have small projects that can raise their income and improve their living standards.

    Nowadays, AWEMA has implemented an ongoing sewing program for vulnerable women. We provide them with needed material and train them through an expert. When they come up with final products, we help them to sell them and we share with them the final revenue.

    4-vulnerable children

    An Ongoing Football School:

    It’s an every weekend program for children from different social, educational, financial backgrounds. It started in 2014 aiming at improving children spirit of fair competition, as well as building personal skills in their lives.

    A Program for Children Fighting Cancer:

    A 3 months program was held by AWEMA’s NGO aiming at reaching out for children taking therapy in a well-known cancer institute in Egypt, on weekly bases. Our aim is to bring joy and life, through arts, crafts and colors, in the midst of their suffering.

    Training for Orphans:

    In 2009 summer holiday, a program was held for children living in orphanage to teach them music, drawing, painting and crafts. We visited them once a week.

    Tutoring Classes:

    A lot of tutoring classes for children are ongoing in both Cairo and North Egypt, all along school days. These classes are to help children perform better in all subjects from grade one to ten. The classes help children to improve their school achievements and show noticeable positive impact in their behavior.

    School Vacation Programs:

    This Program was started in 2012; and is still done for 6 months every year up until now. Since 2012, we built strong relationships with the surrounding vulnerable children at the organizations’ location. God granted us grace in the eyes of children and their families. He helped us to create short and long term educational, vocational and recreational programs.

    Short-term vocational programs are being held for vulnerable children. Thanks to many volunteers, who shared along the way in helping and loving those children, we are able to develop and nurture them. Our vision is to raise children self-image and self-esteem, and to let them know that they are able to start and complete things by themselves and enjoy high sense of self-confidence and self-acceptance in their hearts.

    The programs include handcraft, making gypsum statues, painting and wall painting and accessories. Children learn how to make artistic figures through using simple methods and tools. We believe that they have the right to play, learn, and feel appreciated and loved. Currently, children feel secured; and they also grew huge potentials of creativity.

    5- Social Support:

    This is a program that provides for the financial and social needs of people served by AWEMA NGO. It is a seasonal ministry that changes according to the need of women and children ministered in the other programs. Provided social support includes;

    • Food supplies
    • Blankets in Winter
    • School bags and supplies for children
    • Others