Relief Ministry


Number of Arab refugees exceeds 20 million who are scattered in different countries of the Arab World. The number keeps on leaping up by the rise of wars and persecution among the MENA area. Refugees’ communities suffer from physical, psychological, medical and social care and spiritual needs.


• AWEMA aims at organizing and establishing programs for refugees’ families that is able to support them in various psychological, spiritual and physical needs.
• AWEMA also aims at organizing specialized programs for women and children rehabilitation after being through severe conditions.
• Vocational training courses are one of the means to help them raise their income resources.
• AWEMA program also includes medical care services to cover the severe medical conditions for refugees.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon:

AWEMA started its ministry with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon in 2014. A program was held for 200 Syrian Refugees’ families and another one was specialized for gypsy women living in North Lebanon. The ministry included home visits, regular meetings and organizing various events, as well as, providing for food, medical and other needs of 70 families.

Currently, we are serving three unreached Syrian refugee camps. God supports us to supply some families’ needs, including firewood and diesel for heating, food supplies and mattresses. Our staff in Lebanon visits them regularly to follow up with them.

In 2016, a Spiritual refugees’ children camp was held, that included 80 children with a majority of children from a non-Christian background. The program was to entertain the children and allow them to live a healthy community during the camp as well as sharing God’s love with them. We shared with them God’s story of salvation and many of them accepted Jesus as their savior. We are praying God to facilitate establishing a school for children in one of these three camps to meet their need for education, life values and skills and to create a bridge to love them.

Iraqi Refugees in Syria:

The Program is a community and spiritual one aiming at spiritually, socially, and skills developing abused women; in order to improve their lifestyles to better levels, and thus, achieve a better future for them and their families. A counseling ministry is also provided to help them in their rehabilitation process as well as presenting a hairdressing course to equip them with a skill that can be a source of income for them and many of the attendees had benefit from this course. AWEMA also supplied food and school fees for the families and their children for a full year. Our staff in Syria visits them regularly and celebrates feasts and important events with them.

Currently, AWEMA worker visits them regularly, celebrates feasts and important events with them, as well as, arranging spiritual meetings, bible study meetings and counseling sessions. We also cover food needed of 65 women with their children.

Sudanese Refugees in Egypt:

By the middle of 2015, we started to minister to the Sudanese refugees in Egypt. Their needs for food and hygiene awareness, suitable and safe place to stay, education and health care are intense.

We supported opening a nursery to serve the Sudanese children, as well as, providing job opportunities for some Sudanese refugees. A training course was given to teachers to qualify them on dealing with children. The nursery was equipped before being opened in 2015. Currently, we are regularly following up with the teaching process to make sure the children are doing well.

AWEMA ministry with Sudanese refugees living in Egypt is mainly specified to 2 major Sudanese tribes that are receiving no constant care from churches or the community. AWEMA programs for them include social, medical and spiritual care. Because of the poor social conditions they are living in, every winter we provide the neediest of them with blankets. AWEMA also organizes medical caravans that are of great benefit to hundreds of them. Children awareness raising seminars, as well as, fun days are regularly held for children. AWEMA program for families includes regular spiritual gatherings and home visits to encourage and strengthen family members.