Strategic Projects


AWEMA’s ministry relies on 70% of funding from outside the Arab World and 30% from the inside. The vision of the strategic projects is to raise the percentage of funding from inside of the Arab World and that AWEMA would be much dependent on its regional resources than other resources. For this reason AWEMA started establishing its projects.


  • Increasing financial resources from the inside of the Arab World to cover 50-60% of the needed funding.
  • Redirecting ministry projects of each country to cover their financial needs.
  • The Mission Training Center (MTC), established by AWEMA is used for ministering local church and training church members.
  • Some Vocational and Developmental projects are being run through AWEMA, including:

    1-AWEMA Mission Training Center:

    The center has been established 15 years ago for qualifying church leaders, in the Arab World, in the areas of administration, leadership, education and church planting fields; as well as any other fields to support churches.

    During all the 15 years, hundreds of educational programs have been held, as well as teaching and training courses for thousands of church leaders in various churches.

    We are currently upgrading the buildings to double its capacity and qualifying it with much advanced facilities and equipment that would be of better help to trainees and conferences’ attendees.

    2-Educational Farm:

    The Farm has been established from more than 10 years for holding vocational training programs in the agriculture and animal husbandry fields. It is also a productive farm that provides financial support for AWEMA’s programs in the Arab World.