Women Ministry


We want to see women, in the MENA region, seeking the Lord and following Him from all of their hearts, their souls and their strength.

Our vision is to see nurtured, mature, enlightened women, willing to follow the Lord and share the covenant of His love with others.

In Egypt:

Young Women Conferences in Egypt:

Currently we are holding a program for vulnerable young women living in difficult conditions.

The Planned Program includes:

Step 1: Two Spiritual conferences every year.

Step 2: Follow up discipleship and support groups.

In case of urgent professional need required, we will transfer young women to support groups held by professionals.

In North Sudan:

Women and Young Women Conferences in North Sudan:

Young women and women ministry in North Sudan started since 2004. We started with annual conferences for them.

Leadership training and conferences in North Sudan:

They are annual conferences that started since 2008. It is a spiritual ministry for abused and oppressed women, as well as church leaders. The ministry aims at spiritually developing women by providing them with counseling session and discipleship groups, so that they could enjoy their relationships with the Savior; develop their personalities and become leaders in their churches. Our goals are to develop leadership skills for church leaders; spiritually and emotionally encourage them; help them in solving the problems they are facing in their discipleship groups; and to follow up with the discipleship groups’ news and progress.

 In Syria:

Iraqi Refugees Women in Syria:

The Program is a community and spiritually one aiming at spiritually, socially, and skills developing abused women in order to improve their lifestyles to better levels; and thus, achieving better futures for them and their families. Our staff goes to field visits every 3 months. We aim at supporting newly believing women and providing them with discipleship lessons, as well as encouraging them to begin providing pastoral care to others. We, also provide counseling ministry for them.

We provide them some topics including; my value in Christ, forgiveness, encouragement and prayers. Some women had taken Jesus as their only Savior and others are taking new steps in their life and moving forward.