Mission Training and Church Planting


There are no churches and no Christians of any denominations in 70% of MENA region countries, but a higher percentage in villages and tribes located in the African Horn. Setting a plan to reach out for these 2 regions and to provide Jesus message to them, was from AWEMA’s high priorities.
Our vision for the mission and church planting ministry is to qualify, train and prepare missionaries living in a country and send them to another unreachable area in the same country.

Our vision is to send a missionary of the same language, same country and close culture, who follows Christ and is willing to serve other needing villages and plant a church among them.

AWEMA's Goals

  • Support underground churches in the countries that do not give freedom of worship to churches, and strengthen them to be established on a solid biblical foundation and are able to bear fruit.
  • Training church planters in these churches to access unreached areas in their countries and to be able to plant new churches.
  • Following up with the leaders in the newly planted churches for several years to be certain of the churches stability and efficiency.
  • Supporting church planting vision in countries that already have strong churches; including Egypt, Lebanon… etc.
  • Mission and Church Planting Training:

    AWEMA had a training missionaries program for many years and hundreds of people joined these programs. They worked on opening believers’ eyes that there are lots of fields that are ready for the harvest and to support them to extend their ministries and react with God’s calling for them. AWEMA also encourages church leaders to organize evangelism events, and to go on outreaches. Many of today’s ministers were graduates from these programs.

    Currently, AWEMA focuses more on organizing specific training courses for missionaries who are willing to plant churches within their own country territories. Regular specific training programs are held for church planters who are involved in church planting ministry. Also AWEMA organizes training programs for potential leaders of these newly planted churches to qualify them in handling their churches within the years ahead.

    Church Planting Ministry:

    In Egypt:

    This ministry had started in Egypt a long time ago. Many churches were planted by AWEMA workers all along these years. Church planting ministry in Egypt includes 2 branches: planting new churches and training a second generation from these churches to be able to take over the church after few years. By the time being AWEMA church planting ministry works on 16 villages and areas located in both Upper and Lower Egypt. Christians living in these villages are not given any spiritual care by any other sources and AWEMA program includes regular home visits and pastoral care, prayer and Bible study meetings, women meetings and Sunday school for Children. Along the year, AWEMA workers celebrates Christian feasts and special occasions with church members, as well as organizing some trips for both Children and adults, which has a positive impact on the church members unity.

    In Tunisia:

    AWEMA planted two churches in Tunisia, handled them to their church leaders. Pastoral visits and training courses are held by AWEMA on regular bases, to equip and qualify the churches to be much fruitful and able to expand their territories to include more believers from a non-Christian background and more followers of the Lord Jesus.

    In Syria:

    In 2008, we ministered to 34 Assyrians villages. We started to plant churches in villages where we taught and trained the church leaders on various courses including evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral care. Several churches were planted and a lot of believers were taught, trained and developed. Because of the political circumstances and the persecution, many of them fled from the country. Currently, we are serving the Syrians located in Lebanon as refugees. To know more about AWEMA relief ministry you, press here.

    In the African Horn:


    God opened a door for us to work in the two Arab countries in the African Horn countries, in order to serve the unreached people in these areas. Our aim is to serve the neediest places and the neglected communities through:

    • New churches planted by AWEMA’s missionaries in the African Horn. These churches minister through teaching new believers.
    • Evangelism to tribes, as well as providing them with free Bible copies.
    • Discipleship groups for new national Christians from different backgrounds, and preparation to church leaders who are effective in their communities.
    • Educational ongoing school: The school is considered the only educational mean for the children from age 4 till 12 years old. It started in 2012 and is still working.