Theological Education and Training


We want to see and equip Arab local church leaders in knowing and walking by God’s ways, in order to have the Kingdom vision, and to be more effective in their churches and societies.

This is our prayer; And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” (2 Timothy 2:2)

AWEMA's Goals

  • To implant the Kingdom vision as well as our role (individuals and churches) to extend the Kingdom.
  • To create a generation of leaders from non-Christian backgrounds; in order to have a deep theological & Biblical understanding.
  • To create a generation of Christian leaders who are qualified and effective in ministering their churches and communities.
  • To improve the Biblical teaching levels in churches.
  • To encourage the church planting ministry in different countries.
  • To motivate the ATI graduates to serve in their local churches and communities.
  • To equip churches in order to be able to face pressures and persecutions.
  • This ministry is divided into three parts:

    First Part: Long Term Theological Training (Augustine Theological Institute (ATI)):

    • Augustine Theological Institute is an academic institute that equips leaders in three fields:
      • Systematic theology
      • Biblical theology
      • Practical theology

      ATI AWEMA started in 2004; 250 students were graduated from it. Learners come from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti. All learners are from different non-Christian background.

    The Branches of Augustine Theological Institute (ATI)

    Augustine Theological Institute (ATI) – Kenya Branch





    It is an educational program for 6 months. Believers and leaders from non-Christian backgrounds from different Arab countries join the ATI. Learners earn diploma certificates in theology; the diploma degree covers 66 credit hours accredited from DAYSTAR UNIVERSTY, KENYA.

    The Diploma contents include three aspects:

    • Academic Education
    • Application and Practical Ministry
    • Follow Up and Spiritual Care

    Augustine Theological Institute (ATI) – The African Horn Branch

    ATI started working in the African Horn countries, in 2009. Completing 33 credit hours, the ATI program grants advanced certificates in Theological Studies from the International Institute for Christian Communication (IICC–USA). It is presented for learners from Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia from both Christian and Non-Christian backgrounds.

    Study Goals:

    • Preparing and qualifying leaders from the African Horn, who has biblical and theological foundation and are able to minister in their countries.
    • Strengthening and supporting African Horn churches to enable them to face heresies and not-Christian believes.
    • Opening new doors in the mission field and church planting ministry in North Africa, through students enrolled in the theological students at the institute.

    Information about the study:

    Augustine Theological Institute study is given in 20 weeks divided into 2 years. Each year is presented through 2 semesters and between the semesters practical ministry in various churches is required.

    Second Part: Short Term Biblical and Leadership Training Courses:

    Church Leadership Training in North Africa:

    Training programs in North Africa mainly targets ministers, families and the second generation in the churches. AWEMA training course includes leadership; general counseling, marriage counselling; Bible studies; ministry needed skills and other courses. Each church or group is in need for different courses than the other. AWEMA training program also includes follow up church and ministers visits.

    The goals of the program are:

    • Qualifying a generation of leaders and ministers who are rooted in the Bible and equipped with various ministry skills.
    • Helping churches and encouraging them to start new ministries in needy areas.
    • Providing pastoral care for families through specialized counseling programs.

    Third Part: Building Bridges with Societies:

    It is a school for Egyptian church leaders, aiming at training them on social action, media and human rights fields. The School includes specialized studies program, designed to qualify church leaders to be able to play active and positive roles in building their society governed by civilization, progress, and enlightened thinking values.